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International trademark protection ®️ – Task accomplished!

Hetki´s trademark is now successfully registered and protected in its current and future main market areas, in the EU and countries such as the UK and the USA. The project started over 1,5 years ago, before the business and the Hetki brand was launched, and has now been completed when we received approval from Japan as well.

For a young company that has just started its journey, the investment in trademark protection can become relatively significant, but on the other hand, in our opinion, one where there are no alternatives when aiming high and thinking long-term. Trademark can be one of the most valuable assets of your company, and registering it secures that investments made in your brand will play into the hands of your firm. Even more important to us at Hetki and to our valued customers is that a protected brand is proof for Hetki's customers that they have acquired a real Finnish Hetki sauna.


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