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The heat is on in Berlin!

Hetki is proud to participate in the sauna exhibition „Die Sauna. Echt heiß. Echt finnisch.‟ [The Sauna. Really hot. Really Finnish.] in Berlin. 


The exhibition gives an insight into today’s Finnish sauna culture, apart from photos, documentary videos are shown, and the accompanying program includes film screenings and discussion groups. And of course, you may also experience the real Finnish sauna – in the Hetki saunas. The exhibition was curated by Jaakko Blomberg and Karoliina Grondahl, and it was produced by the Embassy of Finland in collaboration with Visit Finland and Finnland-Institut.


The exhibition is open from 25 January till 14 April 2024 in Felleshus at the Embassy of Finland.


Find out more about the sauna exhibition:


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