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Hetki is a log sauna. For a good reason.

When speaking about the quality of our saunas, everything starts with the main raw material, lamina logs made of certified spruce grown in sustainably managed forests in northern Finland. Because of its slow growth, the wood is very dense and possesses exceptional strength and durability. As a result, when correctly built, a genuine Finnish log sauna is the best investment towards a lifetime of enjoyment. Finnish wood is an environmentally friendly building material, a renewable resource that has the ability not only to substitute carbon-intensive materials, but also store carbon dioxide.

Thanks to the structure of our laminated logs, two wood layers bonded seamlessly, they maintain their shape and stability excellently. The logs are made from the core of a tree, the most dense and strong part, and that significantly improves their insulating capacity and makes a sauna energy efficient. Particularly for saunas, Finnish spruce logs are an excellent building material because they are breathable, and resistant to moisture, wear, and tear.

Beyond its functional prowess, the sleek, contemporary aesthetic of laminated logs harmonizes effortlessly with modern garden settings, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor sanctuary. Finnish spruce logs are a natural and safe material that not only looks great but feels wonderful to all senses and promotes health and well-being.

The oldest saunas in Finland were, and still are, specifically log saunas, and so are the Hetki saunas. We are proud to use this fantastic raw material.


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